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My guess is a combination of things:

1) The data is coming in on the amount of damage the toxic injections are causing and many in the political, medical and administrative class are starting to get cold feet;

2) Legal cases are starting to mount and get to the courts;

3) Large scale push back from the general public on Vaxx mandates and passports;

4) Investors are seeing the writing on the wall with the failures and damages of the mRNA injections and pulling out;

5) Geopolitical tensions are not going the way of the US eroding their already weakened global credibility;

6) Vaxx uptake itself is crumbling (lots of folks have seen the damage done) so the Pharma ghouls want to stay ahead of this and create a phony narrative by saying "We did it" and will pull back, and attempt to reinforce for the next phony pandemic and accompanying Pharma blockbuster.

Sure I missed a few items.

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The chocolate ration has been increased from 270 grams to 150 grams.

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The only thing the US has going for it is Federalism.

States rights.

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" Our health secretary, Sajid Javid, says the plan to live with Covid will focus on vaccines..."

I agree with you, this change is just retrenchment, not victory. The only way we get back our rights and freedom is to take them back. The go-alongs-to-get-along are in for a rude awakening when the discover they're expected to have had 5 total shot by next January.

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my local taxi firm in the UK just polled 150 drivers about mask use, they all want to keep them!

this is far from over and the UK is not free and getting less so with every bs law they pass. the online harms bill with its wishy washy language and many others that will hurt us all badly. i think they are following Australia :(

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I share your pessimism... more and more people complying with masks ... the boosters in the US were a no-go, the only ray of light.... but people are sheep esp in Europe and Blue USA ... so not going well there

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I’m afraid you’re right. Very discouraging. And then we have the Machiavellian plan in the US to reshuffle the executive branch.

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I think you're right in what you're forecasting but how is it that nobody is calling out the world powers on their vaccine passports, and demanding that since the bioweapons injections have been proved now to be deadly and dangerous, and increase not decrease infectivity and severity of illness, these Nazi documents built on IBM punch card technology that already helped in the extermination of the Jews, must be stopped and everyone perpetrating them must be arrested for crimes against humanity. How are the globalist documents like Lock Step and the related scenario documents, and the planned/staged practice runs for the pandemic, not being held up as evidence of a criminal conspiracy? How are all the world leaders not being arrested? When does the conversation shift to that level?

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When I said on December 2020 that once you leave your freedom and will accept a concept of freedom pass like the greenpass it will never go away everyone shouted at me as conspiracy theorist and that this will never happen!

What changed now? To cope with cognitive dissonance now people say this was always expected! Like when I was predicting the never ending shots. People just move their beliefs to save themselves from the realization that they got enormously conned.

Also as you said majority is vaxxed and they will just live their life...

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The powers that be are trying to maneuver us into a position where “resistance is futile”. May it never be. But which country or community will lead in protecting freedom? It does not appear that the United States is worth much in this matter. This is especially so with its confused and doddering President and heavily compromised political class.

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They don't want to highlight case numbers, someone may just wake up to reality that thy have been lied to, thus the deflection.

And if you bought into taking a vaccine once because you didn't want to give up your life, you'll do it again. Like the serpent of old, you need only be tempted to take one bite of the forbidden fruit and the rest is history.

Initially different countries had different approaches to see which work best to control... But version 2.0 is more refined - we know what works - threaten their creature comforts!

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I have been wondering about this too.

It is the same in Australia. Never mind that the picture here is a bit different, because it is summer, and we have never had a serious outbreak of CV (no matter what they try to tell you - the deaths are all elderly people, the great majority in aged care, and others with underlying health issues).

Now the reported daily deaths focus on the number who "had not received a booster" - to try to disguise the fact that the numbers of double-jabbed people in those death stats has been increasing (the absolute numbers are still too small to do any sort of meaningful statistical analysis - like 13 deaths in Qld, 25 in NSW, etc).

These daily fear-mongering reports are always sprinkled with exhortations to go and get boosted. NSW is expressing concern that not enough people are getting boosted, and it might hinder the removal of restrictions if the numbers don't improve. Victoria is pushing for "fully vaxxed" to now mean triple jabbed. WA has already mandated booster shots for some professions. And of course, the (natural) peaking and decline of case numbers has been attributed to the high jab rates. Qld is now able to say that our relatively low impact from CV has been due to the fact that we waited for high jab rates to open up. (Never mind that there is no evidence at all to show this.)

It seems pretty obvious (to those of us who are aware of the agenda) that this is all about normalising jabs and jab mandates and passports.

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The hospitalisation numbers can't be trusted now that Omicron has become dominant. Many of them are poeple who are in hospital for some other reason than COVID-19 - including those who were in hospital for other reasons and contracted the infection there.

From all indications, Omicron causes very much less harm and death in the great majority of people, who have weakened and hyper-inflammatory immune responses due to having only 1/2 to 1/10 of the circulating 25-hydroxyvitamin D they need. https://nutritionmatters.substack.com .

Vaccination generally reduces the level of harm and hospitalisation as well, but I think this has become more complex if the allegations of negative vaccine efficiency are true, which I assume are true to some significant degree.

On seasonality: https://nutritionmatters.substack.com/p/covid-19-seasonality-is-primarily .

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Clearly the intention was always to get as many people jabbed as possible -- with leaky vaccines... which has resulted in a highly contagious and not exactly benign variant.

Eliminating restrictions and Letting er Rip will of course result in huge numbers of jabbed people getting infected - and as we know -- this will only result in even more mutations of the virus.

Eventually we are going to get something akin to Marek's ....

Which has always been the plan.


1. Every country on the planet is on board with the Injections. Even Sweden. When have all countries aligned on any issue? Never.

2. Not a single MSM outlet is interviewing any of the expert dissenters – Yeadon, Bridle, Montagnier, Bossche etc… and the mainstream social media platforms are blocking them.


Conventional Oil peaked in 2005 http://www.euanmearns.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/C-Cdec141.png

Shale in 2018.

According to Rystad, the current resource replacement ratio for conventional resources is only 16 percent. Only 1 barrel out of every 6 consumed is being replaced with new resources


Shale binge has spoiled US reserves, top investor warns Financial Times. https://energyskeptic.com/2021/the-end-of-fracked-shale-oil/

Shale boss says US has passed peak oil | Financial Times https://www.ft.com/content/320d09cb-8f51-4103-87d7-0dd164e1fd25

THE PERFECT STORM : The economy is a surplus energy equation, not a monetary one, and growth in output (and in the global population) since the Industrial Revolution has resulted from the harnessing of ever-greater quantities of energy. But the critical relationship between energy production and the energy cost of extraction is now deteriorating so rapidly that the economy as we have known it for more than two centuries is beginning to unravel https://ftalphaville-cdn.ft.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Perfect-Storm-LR.pdf

Our fossil fuel energy predicament, including why the correct story is rarely told https://ourfiniteworld.com/2021/11/10/our-fossil-fuel-energy-predicament-including-why-the-correct-story-is-rarely-told/

“The global economy was facing the worst collapse since the second world war as coronavirus began to strike in March, well before the height of the crisis, according to the latest Brookings-FT tracking index. “The index comes as the IMF prepares to hold virtual spring meetings this week, when it will release forecasts showing the deepest contraction for the global economy since the 1930s great depression. https://www.ft.com/content/9ac5eb8e-4167-4a54-9b39-dab48c29ac6c

Collapse Imminent: https://thephilosophicalsalon.com/a-self-fulfilling-prophecy-systemic-collapse-and-pandemic-simulation/

The Illusion of Stability, the Inevitability of Collapse http://charleshughsmith.blogspot.com/2021/09/the-illusion-of-stability-inevitability.html

Fed is sharply increasing the amount of help it is providing to the financial system https://www.cnbc.com/2019/10/23/fed-repo-overnight-operations-level-to-increase-to-120-billion.html Banks did not trust each other - similar situation when Lehman collapsed

Oil Gluts – do NOT indicate we have found more oil. We just pumped what’s left too fast.

Summary In 2019 a second Perfect Storm was approaching – the central banks had been doing ‘whatever it takes’ for over a decade…. Essentially nothing was off the table --- throw the kitchen sink at pushing GFC2.0 into the future. In 2019 the guns were blazing but the beast was no longer held at bay…

What do you do when you are burning far more oil than you discover --- and your efforts to offset the impact of expensive to produce oil push you to the edge of the cliff? You can accept your fate and allow the beast to shove you into the abyss…. Or you can take the ‘nuclear option’ and shut down as much of the economy as possible, preserve remaining oil and pump in trillions of dollars of life support to keep the system feebly alive.

Punchline: The problem global leaders face is that if you unleash the nuclear option without some sort of cover, the sheeple and the markets would be thrown into a panic and you risk blowing things up prematurely. So you need a reason for putting the global economy on ice --- one that does not spook the masses – one that is big enough to justify such epic amounts of stimulus and extreme policies --- and one that allows you to explain ‘this is just temporary – once this is gone --- we will get back to normal’

A pandemic is the perfect cover.

End Game – Covid was foisted on us as cover for the response to peak oil (if we don’t slow the burn oil prices go through the roof and we collapse) but it is also being used to convince billions to be Injected. The Injection is meant to cause extremely deadly variants similar to Marek’s this .. only worse because we are deploying into a pandemic https://www.pbs.org/newshour/science/tthis-chicken-vaccine-makes-virus-dangerous.

“Mass infection prevention and mass vaccination with leaky Covid-19 vaccines in the midst of the pandemic can only breed highly infectious variants.” https://www.geertvandenbossche.org/

French virologist and Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier called mass vaccination against the coronavirus during the pandemic “unthinkable” and a historical blunder that is “creating the variants” and leading to deaths from the disease.

The Vaccines and Boosters will Result in a Catastrophic Outcome - From a scientific viewpoint it is, therefore, difficult to understand how booster immunizations using vaccines which are not evolution-proof could prevent a highly mutable virus from escaping neutralizing anti-S Abs while driving the pandemic in a catastrophic direction, both in Israel and worldwide. How can the WHO stand by and watch as this additional experiment unfolds, soon to be followed by other countries? https://thehighwire.com/videos/vaccine-expert-warns-of-covid-vaccination-catastrophe/

The reason for this is that 8B people need cheap oil to live. They would starve without it. And 8B people without food would result in epic starvation, violence, rape and cannibalism. Industrial civilization ends soon after peak oil. Unfortunately we also have 4000 spent fuel ponds that will boil off and release toxic substances for centuries. These facilities cannot be controlled with computers and energy. So even the few remaining hunters and gatherer tribes will die as they consume these toxins in the food, air and water.

The PTB understand all of this and that is WHY every leader is on board with the Injections. There is NO way out of this --- so they have decided to mitigate the suffering as much as possible by putting us down and here is the mechanism https://www.geertvandenbossche.org/post/why-the-ongoing-mass-vaccination-experiment-drives-a-rapid-evolutionary-response-of-sars-cov-2.

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I'm afraid I agree with you that they (yes, 'they') are still determined to push their enforced global vaccination program, no matter what, and they need to wrap things quickly and distract us with something else before the house of cards fall apart. Mass global yearly vaccination has been the wet dream of Big Pharma for a long time and they're not going to let this opportunity go, specially since governments also love these electronic IDs-by-another-name. Another win-win brought to you by the CCP.

Will they get away with it though? Who knows, they are fighting reality, and reality always wins, sooner or later. One obvious flaw with their masterplan is that they're using their own product - a mistake even the lowliest pusher knows not to make:


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“I don’t see it happening” “They will fall into line”. Believe is the first step in creation. I do not get why you write an article where you submit to the taking away of human rights. It is exactly this fatalistic stance that the politicians thrive on.

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