Funny. I started reading 1984 over 18 mths ago. Never finished it because I was actually living it.

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Thank you for the recommendation.

However, I think I will focus on finding old recordings of the Flintstones - to prepare for my future (if I'm lucky) here, in the UK.

Stay strong!

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I watched that recently. I took it as them blatantly telling us what they were about to do.

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It's worth watching. Here I've edited out the sex and violence for our readers: https://mathewaldred.substack.com/p/utopia

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I like the British version a lot better as well. Very dark and violent but an excellent story. Or is it predictive programming? I don't know.

Whenever I hear people say that population growth is a problem I point out that raising the standard of living reduces population growth in every race, religion and culture. They argue that "There isn't time" yet here we are decades later with the same problem and the same elitist "solution" of genocide & infertility.

Now that they've shot up 90% of the human race it becomes a "fait acompli" when problems are re-discovered. This was done intentionally.

A delayed onset, slow kill, sterilizing bio-weapon would be noticed in the all cause mortality and fertility numbers. With a damaged immune system lots of other illnesses will be the straw that breaks the camel's back and kills people. Not all at once as that would be messy. Who would shut down the atomic reactors, etc? But if you lower life expectancy by a decade or two then you get the same result.

Monitor the ACM & Fertility numbers.

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I am sure folks are asking ... why did they make this series ... a series that so closely mirrors the past 3 years complete with a non lethal virus and dodgy PCR tests to drive up fear and uptake of their vaccine.

Here's why.

They do not want you to know what they are really up to -- so they toss out all sorts of narratives for the purpose of leading you away from the nesting chicks as a mother bird does by feigning injury.

We've to the Great Reset and various other false leads...

Utopia is telling us that the vaccines are intended to sterilize and reduce global population.

The thing is ... you cannot reduce population like that without completely collapsing the financial system and civilization. Downsizing will not work. Not in a world where our food is nearly 100% reliant on petro chems and industrial farming methods. Downsize = the system fails > starvation.

If you want to know the real reason for the vaccines .... I highly recommend this piece written by the same author of Perfect Storm (not the movie)... he is the retired head of research for the global energy trading firm Tullet Prebon... Tim Morgan...

They are exterminating us... before the system implodes:

The Everything Crisis

Posted on March 13, 2023



Even the most cursory glance at economic and financial history will reveal a litany of bubbles and booms, crashes and crises. We’ve seen numerous instances of speculative manias, real estate bubbles, market collapses and banking crises. Even the dot-com bubble of 1995-2000 wasn’t really ‘a first’, since there’s at least one previous instance – the Railway Mania of the 1840s – of the public being blinded to reality by the glittering allure of the latest vogue in technology.

You’d be wrong, though, if you concluded that “there’s nothing new under the Sun” about what we’re experiencing now. The coming crunch – for which the best shorthand term might be ‘the everything crisis’ – sets new precedents in at least two ways.

First, it’s unusual for all of the various forms of financial crises to happen at the same time. Even the global financial crisis (GFC) of 2008-09 wasn’t an ‘everything crisis’. Now, though, it’s quite possible that we’re experiencing the start of a combined stock, property, banking, financial, economic and technological crisis, with ‘everything happening at once’.

Second, all previous crises have occurred at times when secular (non-cyclical) economic growth remained feasible. This enabled us to ‘grow out of’ these crises, much as youngsters ‘grow out of’ childhood ailments.

No such possibility now exists.

The true story of modern economic and financial history involves, on the one hand, the ending and reversal of centuries of economic expansion and, on the other, an absolute refusal to come to terms with this reality.

What follows is an attempt to tell that story as briefly as possible.


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I won’t support Amazon. I would rather give my money to Substack writers, like you NE. Thank you NE!

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Now this is strange... I've been posting a link to where all episodes could be watched... and was about to do so again ... and it's pretty much gone https://duckduckgo.com/?q=watch+utopia&iax=videos&ia=videos

It can be hauled down here https://thepiratebay10.info/search/utopia/1/99/0

Watch the UK version

BTW - the third season never happened - even thought this was hugely popular and critically acclaimed....

That's because .... we are now living Season 3.

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why Utopia (UK) is the greatest show ever, but you’ve never heard of it - Utopia Video Essay


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Wow! How terrifying, and perhaps eerily prescient. Interestingly, while a different genre, the Australian show 'Utopia' is also a depressing offering of 'art imitating life'. Set in a (fictional) public service department, it highlights how dysfunctional and incompetent bureaucracies are. It used to be comical, but not anymore. The people at the top may be evil geniuses, but it is the farcical bureaucratic machine (and the many mindless drones within it) which facilitates their bidding.

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Watching the clip brought out the psychopath tendency in me...I was in agreement !

I'd not seen the series, didnt know of its existence...I worked nights, rarely watched TV...

During the 'covid' psyop local TV showed "V for Vendetta" twice, and "Contagion" (Matt Damon) four times...Why wasnt "Utopia" shown ? Was it because we (in The West) are such a selfish, narcissic lot and would agree with it, that it would not spread the terror needed for people to embrace the lockdowns needed to 'save the economy' ?

Some movies seem intended to leave people thinking they know what's going on - and that makes them less likely to react in shock, become hysterically uncontrolable. if the depicted actually breaks out...Less work for the sate and it's enforcer bullies when many have been emotionally prepared in advance: dis-armed & easier to herd...

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"Whet" (as in sharpen) your appetite.

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I watched it when it first came out and yes the British version is much better, I was aware that what I was watching was predictive programming.

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Sort of a "Survivors" only you know most of the plot.

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In the US version of Utopia (which is part of the psyop intended to convince the mob that this is depopulation rather than total extermination) listen to what Cusack says about doing evil to do good....


Then consider the evil that they are doing now -- the vax injuries... I don't think these are intentional rather they are an unavoidable outcome when you inject billions with a dangerous substance (also how do you control quality when such numbers are involved)

Yes there is great evil being done ... but the outcome is good --- if they did not do evil ... remember - the Gates of Hell open ... and that is a far worse outcome than being put down with a vaccine....

Here are a couple of key scenes from the UK version



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Made it to the 3rd episode choking all the way. A typical formula for violence, sex, and over use of cinematic color, lighting and gore. The theme of conspiracy may be valid but is wrapped in the usual emotionless evil perpetrators and stupidly naive victims who walk into danger instead of away. Even though Grant’s character is edgy and kind of funny the use of a very young boy to play a very adult role is child abuse IMHO. I’ll try to watch more but it’s a painful way to bring awareness of our current disfunction.

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