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Ask me how glad I am, again, that I'm just a HS grad who ain't got much faith in experts. Common sense, it ain't a major or minor anywhere. Quelle surprise.

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Any athlete** who ever stuck a testosterone jab in their backside knows that intramuscular injections do not stay local to the injection site - it wouldn't fucking work unless it went everywhere systemically!!

Of course these jabs don't "stay local to the deltoid" - we've been giving intramuscular injections for at least 200 years - how did people imagine that they worked?

Nobody who went through medical school (or anybody with an ounce of common sense) should have ever believed this overtly idiotic assertion.

How do people think the stuff finally exits the body? Magically evaporates back out through the injection hole?

What the hell is wrong with everyone's brains - I feel like I'm alone in a lunatic asylum...

**or any psychiatric nurse who's ever subdued a psychotic patient by jabbing a syringe full of valium in their backside for that matter

(Or any soldier who's been issued with a morphine jab prior to combat - and been instructed to jab it straight into their thigh muscle if they get wounded)

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Anyone who knows muscles don't exist in a magic sphere un-nourished by precious bodily fluids ought to have figured it out. The circulatory system, it ain't no myth...

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Indeed - notions of the circulatory system date back at least to Galen 2,000 years ago in Rome (surgeon for the emperor's gladiators) - further developed by Arab scholars in the 1200s then built upon by Vesalius in the renaissance - with Leonardo Da Vinci drawing exquisite diagrams of subtle turbulent flow fields of blood through the heart valves around 1500-ish. But apparently these fuck-wits don't get taught it in medical school nowadays.

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It's really something, isn't it, that most people's primary care/internist/GP practitioners repeated this lie to them without apparently any resistance at all?

But heck. OB/GYNs have been telling women for years that Pap smears don't hurt, and the medical profession swore only a few decades ago that newborns don't feel pain.

So there's little excuse in my view for the average person to have been so credulous during our Plague Era.

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Show me your plague era credentials...

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Oh, it's just the usual nonsense of male doctors telling the little women what women's bodies experience.

You see, the gynecologist takes a little wire brush--like Brillo pads but teeny for medical purposes--and scapes some cells off for the slide. But that's OK, girls, because the cervix has no nerve endings.

I will for the sake of my gentlewoman's reputation not specify where I'd like to shove that little brush--for demonstration purposes only!--and see the reaction.

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I am so very, very sorry about your dad's experience and the anger and grief you both are feeling.

My friend in the UK--who I've known for 50 years now--was vaxxed as advised and then her transplanted kidney basically exploded and she almost died from internal bleeding plus the cardiac arrests related to it, and the subsequent health disasters since then have taken her from an independent person with a full life to one dependent now on carers coming to her home. The rage and bitterness I feel on her behalf can't be described.

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History only started around ~150 years ago and it's qweer, dontcha know....

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Or penicillin shots, epipens....

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You’re not alone Rustam!

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The jabs are meant to be thought of as acting locally- but I am thinking they are global ( in impact)


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Well, plenty of us w/ post-HS education have common sense & “ain’t got” faith in experts either, SCA.

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I wasn't referring to the commentariat here.

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Yes - I'm sure you do have common sense. But as a professor I feel that in general, the higher the education the lower the common sense... this seems to be a real trend (despite the exceptions). I puzzled and puzzled and puzzled over this until final Matthias Desmet explained it - in all previous genocides the most highly educated have tended to be the most easily hypnotised. It seems that the main thing that education does is train (or select in favour of?) people to believe what they are told, abd do what they are told, by people in perceived positions of authority.

[An interesting question is what is it that makes the exceptions (e.g. you and me) immune to the hypnosis/propaganda when most of our educated colleagues went along with it]

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Anyone who believed that an injection would stay in their arm is kinda delusional.

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Delusional is not an excuse for dumb. How many dumb herd members took one or more injections? You can't help dumb.

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Fear does strange things to people.

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No, money does strange things to people... they go blind, mute and deaf.

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...and mix in a lot of panic and you have a plague. Nothing can save the herd from itself.

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LNP’s would almost have to travel to lymph nodes to get the response they were after, that’s where a large percentage of B-cells (that make the antibodies) and T-cells hang out awaiting their cognate antigen. Dendritic cells are APC’s (antigen presenting cells), they phagocytize viruses and other debris and travel to lymph nodes to present the bad guys to the B and T cells. Why would anyone ever expect the shots to stay at the site in the arm when the immune system really doesn’t effectively work that way? 🤷‍♂️

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This is true, and I believe ALL arm-injected vaccines are expected to reach the armpit lymph node? It doesn't take special nano-tech to do that.

That it would go to all the other nodes, the gonads, the heart, the brain... that wasn't mentioned, but I struggled last year to prove they ever said it would stay in the arm?

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Absolutely. Let's add to that :

a) Tcell immune response comes first. New antibody production only comes from Bcells AFTER Tcell confirmation of antigen. Antibodies aren't inherently necessary.

b) people early on had Bcell RECALL antibodies (indicating not novel response)

c) serum antibodies are primarily for clean-up anyway should the pathogen reach the blood stream and you don't have those in the airways and they cannot go there, instead you have secretory igA, NK cells and Tcells which are not elicited by vaccination or transfection (mRNA).

The whole thing stinks.

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What the scientists and pharmaceutical industry dreamed in their vivid imaginations would happen with the mRNA injections ended up the exact opposite of what happened in the real world. They have been part of destroying many lives and still they are patting themselves on the back for a job well done. They should never have been allowed near humans with this injection and we still do not know what the real longterm damage will be. Such arrogant and reckless behaviour needs to be reined in and controlled but not one government is willing to do it.

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It's not reckless behaviour from the creators mindset. They wanted to cause maximum harm... hence all the lies and disinformation around how these (not) vaccines.

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The long term damage is the long list of mRNA "vaccines" already in the pipeline... not enough dead yet.

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Im sickened (for the 1 millionth time & counting)

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Uğur Şahin was born in İskenderun into a Turkish Alevi family. He's a Sufi - allegedly.

Özlem Türeci was born in West Germany; a daughter of Turkish immigrants.

BioNTech's Chinese partner is Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Group.

Fosun International Limited is a Chinese multinational conglomerate holding company.

Fosun China do not give this injection to the Chinese on mainland.

There are 13 manufacturing plants in Western Europe

2 in USA: Princeton NJ and Springfield Mass

1 billion doses created

2018: study in China lipo damage fertility

2021: Hong Kong study - first causes heart enlargement; 2nd causes massive heart damage

"On March 17, 2020, BioNTech received a $135 million investment from Fosun in exchange for 1.58 million shares in BioNTech and the future development and marketing rights of the mRNA vaccine BNT162b2 in China. Also, BioNTech announced a collaboration with Pfizer to scale-up manufacturing capacity to provide worldwide supply in response to the pandemic. BioNTech and Pfizer would commercialize the vaccine worldwide except in China, which was already covered by BioNTech's agreement with Fosun."

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Since you are so concerned about the involvement of Sufis, Turks and Chinese in the covid scamdemic, perhaps you'll find this 2 minute video, "Jewish Heroes Battling Covid," interesting:


Opening lines:

“In the global fight against covid-19, the Jewish people, who make up a tiny percentage of the world’s population, have had an out-sized impact in the difficult battle to protect lives – as scientists, chief medical officers, and top health care officials…”

The video was created to honour the Jewish CEO and Chairman of Pfizer, Dr. Albert Bourla, on being named 2022 Genesis Prize Laureate. "The prize was established under the administration of the Genesis Prize Foundation, in partnership with the Israeli Prime Minister's Office and the Jewish Agency for Israel. It has been referred to as the 'Jewish Nobel Prize.'" (Wikipedia)

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Whether you like it or not BioNTech has been involved in high profile vaccine development with China - and the CEOs are of Turkish origin. The Alevi are 'unique'.

You should know by now that this is an international depopulation endeavour.

Even the Russians are In. On. It.

I know all about Bourla. Thanks anyway...

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Sufis are like Quakers except with a fondness for sexual imagery as a metaphor for devotion to God. They ain't noways immune to crazy.

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With normal IM injection technique, between one and two percent go IV anyway, even when taking the normal precaution of drawing back on the syringe to assure that the needle has only entered the muscle. Look at the file footage: the purported IM injection is invariably given directly, without aspiration.

Mention is made of this in Tucker Carlson's interview with Bret Weinstein -- Weinstein observes that this strange departure from normal practice is to discourage "vaccine hesitancy".

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Weinstein and Carlson... hah !!!

( check your gut...)

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1. Nano particles are difficult to mass produce consistently

2. Nano particles are unstable

3. Most studies are done in vitro (lab), not in vivo.

In my view it is reckless to unleash this technology.

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You may wanna view this, immediately, my friend. Acuitas and Arbutus, correct, however...



*Tips hat

Much Love

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No vaccine stays in the arm, nor is it meant to. Vaccines need to get to the lymph glands in order to trigger immune responses.

"Notably, as the main immune regulating tissues, the lymph node is widely distributed in the human body and plays an essential role in the immune system. Therefore, the delivery of antigens towards lymph nodes is critical for the achievement of better vaccination efficacy. However, free vaccine administration is suffering from the low targeting efficiency of antigens towards lymph nodes, resulting in a higher dose needed to take desired effect, which potentially causes systemic or local side effects. Thus, the lymph node targeting ability of vaccine delivery systems urgently needs to be further developed and improved."


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That's another important piece of the puzzle. Thanks for that.

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Vaccines don't need to get anywhere, they are nothing but unnecessary poison - the toxification triggers the 'immune response' (detoxification) as the body tries to recover balance.

"The immune response proves the vaccine is working" is stupidity or gas lighting of the most insidious kind.

Virology is a century old dangerous pseudo-science, invented to support the pharmaceutical agenda to poison healthy humans into sickness at birth and a life-time of propagandized dependence on pharma products.

Avoid toxic injections if you are seeking health, especially for your newborns... that's common sense.

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Well, technically the antigen is the spike protein, not the covid vaxxes themselves. So the just-so story was that the mRNA (and vvDNA) would stay in the arm, while the spike it by caused to be made would then go out into the body.

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Spike proteins are just as much a fiction as the viruses they are claimed to come from.

Got any science showing proof of the existence of a spike protein (that isn't using a proxy marker)?

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Same lie. Nothing in an intramuscular injection "stays in the arm."

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"In October 2022, Dr. Pietr Cullis presented a lecture at the University of Manitoba for the Annual Gairdner Lecture - Science and Serendipity: Lipid Nanoparticles that Enable COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines."

Thrilled to see you cover this aspect of the transfection fraud.. folks who want more scientific commentary or a fab biology education in October 2023 Jay Couey did a Study Hall review of Cullis event. Most mind blowing part for me was when Cullis was pitching transfection as an improved model vs chemo & noted less than 0.01% cancer drugs reached their intended targets!


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Searching for "bringing mRNA to the right cells at the right places" I found this LinkedIn page of Prof. Ken Wasserman: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/itself-mrna-too-feeble-vaccinate-so-what-more-needed-ken-wasserman . This reproduces the slide and has a link to the entire lecture by Professor Özlem Türeci M.D. on 2021-12-21: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4QNO5EJl_0 (1071 views since 2021-12-06).

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%96zlem_T%C3%BCreci "Although Türeci and her husband became billionaires as a result of their business interests, the family continues to live modestly."

The relevant section, on "Innovation number 1 - the body hack" of the lecture starts at 11:16: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4QNO5EJl_0&t=676. Actually this is innovation 2. Innovation 1 was modifying mRNA to use pseudouridine in place of the uridine bases, which helps the mRNA avoid the intracellular processes which are intended to rapidly degrade it.

She talks about bringing the mRNA message to the dendritic cells which are best able to mount an immune response to the protein produced by cells which are programmed by the mRNA: dendritic cells in the lymph nodes and the spleen. (This is what she means, but she discusses it in baby talk - generals which can best motivate the cells in boot camps to mount an immune response.) I think she is not discussing COVID-19 quasi-vaccines, specifically. Her earlier interest in mRNA treatments was to prompt the immune system into attacking cancer cells.

She seems to use the word "poster" to refer to the artificially introduced molecule which acts as a novel antigen (or rather, has one or more amino acid sequences, each one of which is an antigen which can be recognised by the immune system and which is not one which the system has learned to recognise as part of self), prompting the immune system to generate large numbers of antibodies of various kinds which recognise the one or more antigens, and memory cells to produce more such antibodies rapidly if needed in the future.

If so, then the "poster", in the case of mRNA quasi vaccines, is the somewhat modified spike protein, which the mRNA programs the recipient's cells to produce. Such spike proteins are typically found on the outside of the programmed cell's membrane, though they can break off and float around the bloodstream as isolated proteins.

The dendritic cells need to encounter the spike proteins, typically on cells of other types, but also (I guess) as isolated proteins. One dendritic cell may well react to one or more spike proteins on another dendritic cell. The dendritic cells in the lymph nodes do the best job of this.

Could the dendritic call react properly to the spike protein on the outside of its own cell membrane - which is what would happen if that particular dendritic cell was programmed by the mRNA?

Could a dendritic cell, programmed by the mRNA, in generating spike protein in its own cytoplasm, before they migrate to be attached to the outside of cell membrane, detect these spike proteins as foreign and so mount an immune response? I have no idea - someone who knows more about immunology might be able to answer these questions.

Nonetheless, the clear implication of her statements is that it has long (I assume before 2020) been known by her and other mRNA researchers that the strongest immune response results from presenting antigens to dendritic cells in lymph nodes and the spleen.

The most natural way to attain this would be have large numbers of isolated spike proteins and/or complete cells with spike proteins and or fragments of cell membranes with attached spike proteins find their way into the lymphatic system and so be transported into the lymph nodes - and also to the blood filtering spleen.

However, it would not be surprising if the most effective way was to get mRNA containing lipid nanoparticles into the lymph nodes and/or the spleen, to program cells in these organs to produce spike proteins on the outside of their cell membranes. (This could be any kind of cell there, not just dendritic cells.) Then the dendritic cells would respond to the spike proteins protruding from these programmed, local, cells.

In the slide at 12:23 the middle image depicts what I assume is a dendritic cell (green - and the caption "dendritic cell" is in green) and with many red dots on its cell membrane. The final two words of the caption "Dendritic Cells print the wanted poster" are in red. This is most likely a photomicrograph with red fluorescent antibodies bound to some particular protein which is found in abundance on the outside of this cell.

The words "wanted poster" are in German quotes, as if to indicate that this is a knowingly tortuous description - which is consistent with the baby talk of the lecture itself.

I think the word "print" is probably meant to convey that the dendritic cell itself produces these proteins, to which it then responds - meaning that the dendritic cells themselves are intended, in these researchers' ideal scenario, to be programmed by the mRNA which is introduced into them by the lipid nanoparticles of the so-called vaccine.

Prof Türeci states:

"Ideally a vaccine would bring the message to exactly these cells in exactly these organs. We we developed technologies - lipid-based envelopes - which did this job, which targeted our mRNA message to the right cells' body white [she probably means the cytoplasm of the cell - the body of the cell, which is somewhat analogous to the white of an egg] in order to enable as many generals as possible in as many boot camps as possible to train the different immune forces of the immune system."

Innovation 3 is rapid creation of the mRNA for a so-called vaccine. Here she describes her work between 2012 and 2019 improving the speed with which they could produce personally customized "vaccines" for a single person's cancer.

Implicitly, all three innovations were in place by January 2020. So, yes, they knew very well that the mRNA containing lipid nanoparticles would travel at least to lymph nodes and likely to the spleen, which https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lymph_node "is structured like a large lymph node". The lymphatic system drains and filters about 3 litres a day of interstitial fluid (the fluid between cells), returning it to the bloodstream via the heart.

So, as others have commented, it is entirely to be expected that anything injected into the main tissues of the body, such as muscles, will generally drain through the lymphatic system and so pass through lymph nodes. If the injection was wholly into a blood vessels, then the material would very rapidly be transported all around the body.

It is common - perhaps normal - practice when administering intramuscular injections to aspirate the needle before injecting the fluid. This involves pulling the plunger of the syringe out, to see if the syringe fills with blood. If so, then the tip of the needle is in a blood vessel. The response is to discard the syringe and start again, repeating the procedure until the tip of the needle is reasonably assumed not to be in a blood vessel. Above, 'chard states that even with this procedure, between 1 and 2% of the fluid goes into the bloodstream anyway.

As far as I know, this was never done with the mRNA and adenovirus vector COVID-19 quasi-vaccines. I have read that this practice was specifically prohibited. Likely reasons for this would be to reduce the time taken for each injection and to avoid discarding the precious vaccine fluid.

All the authorities, and every doctor and nurse, should have known - and probably did know - that the injected material would not stay in the muscle of the injection site. Yet they behaved as if it would - so craven they were in devotion to the vaccine cult, that they did not want to do anything which would make members of the public hesitant about receiving such injections.

Once it is recognised (most medical professionals are not at all interested in such information) that most people have only a fraction of the circulating 25-hydroxyvitamin D their immune system needs to function properly, it is obvious that the extreme focus on vaccines and the like (and monoclonal antibodies, and antiviral drugs) is a cult-like aberration which is contrary to the most important response: proper vitamin D3 supplementation for all, or almost all, people, worldwide. Please read the research cited and discussed at: https://vitamindstopscovid.info/00-evi/ .

Specifically, dendritic cells were the first type of immune cell which were discovered to rely on a good supply (by diffusion, from the plasma of the bloodstream) of 25-hydroxyvitamin D (made in the liver from ingested or UV-produced vitamin D3, to run their intracrine signaling system. This is crucial to each cell's ability to respond to its changing circumstances.

For 70 kg 154 lb body weight without obesity, a healthy vitamin D3 intake averages 0.125 milligrams a day, also known as the scarily high "5000 International Units". This is a gram every 22 years - and pharma grade vitamin D costs about USD$2.50 a gram.

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The sheer arrogance of these mad scientists and their power hungry (desperate to keep living) globalist “elites”. For 40 years they could not get approval for this shit because they could not control it and all the trials resulted is failure, catastrophic for the guinea pigs! But they has sold the life extending bio hacking concept to the Bill Gates of this world and were convinced of their own brilliance and “knew” if they could just use it on enough people it would work. They, and frankly everyone, should learn the lesson of the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, who was similarly obsessed with immortality and sent alarmists out to find the secret. They said it was a solution of mercury, which he duly started taking and thus died prematurely... Here too many people died for his obsession. Are we going to let these elites do the same thing with us?

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They’re still pushing this crap in BC, Canada. Govt ads on tv encouraging everyone to get their flu shot and ‘updated’ C19 booster to stay ‘healthy’ during respiratory illness season. No way in hell!!

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Slowly and steadily what was retailed to the public as uncertainty is being revealed as outright and purposeful deception.

No, the public statements were not couched in terms of uncertainty, but those of us who saw the pablum dished out by the "health" authorities for what it was, could only rationalize the situation as uncertainty, given the deflections and lack of specialized knowledge.

it has taken a great deal of time and effort to obtain and review the source material. As those reviews are made public, the breathtaking scope of the lies is VERIFIABLY being made plain.

That said, contrarianism for its own sake is still unjustified.

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If you rationalised it as uncertainty, then you weren't seeing it "for what it was". Plenty of people knew it for what it was. You're simply making the error due to the most damaging common cognitive bias - what Daniel Kahneman called "WYSIATI" - what you see is all there is; i.e. underestimating the extent and significance of the things you don't know. Some people had enough information to be very clear.

E.g. in 2009, as a result of similar legal changes worldwide, James Corbett was able to predict, correctly, that "medical martial law" was coming.

That's just ONE pertinent observation that you may not have been aware of.

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I do not disagree that neither I, nor many others were seeing it for what it was.

That said, Jonathan, that isn't the same as underestimating the significance of what wasn't known.

The purpose of misinformation is to reify misunderstanding. There are two ways to accomplish that; total domination of information flow to make only one message available, and generating a flood of contradictory "information" in order to paralyze cognition.

The two methods act together sequentially. First, the message was one dominant narrative. As that dominance was weakened by unsuppressible new flows of information, the second method was applied.

To assume trivialization of the unknown is to assume that people were unaware that the very "in your face" obvious contradictions were not present at the very beginning.

It took precisely eleven days from the beginning of the first lockdown to realize that there was much much more going on than was known.

The problem then became that of progressing beyond suspicion, speculation and hypothesis into the realm of verifiable knowledge. Emphasis on "verifiable."

It's one thing to realize that you're being manipulated, quite another to determine the scope of that manipulation.

All I needed to know was what my decades of experience with supply chain logistics taught me, to understand that there was something not being admitted to. Far too many people were pretending that a supply chain requiring a century to build, one completely reliant on an underpinning of fully-amortized properties and processes was being presented as something you can turn on and off like a light bulb.

There's a lot of malevolence and a lot of ignorance in the world. Anyone wishing for clarity ignores Hanlon's Razor to their cognitive peril. Something was very wrong, but it required verifiable information to know what that something was composed of. Obviously, it was multivariate.

If that uncertainty played into the hands of bad actors by the simple expedient of buying them time, the alternative was to chase squirrels in the hope that one or two of them held that chestnut of accuracy.

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I'm sure you learned diligently, quickly and impressively. There is no reason why you should have been fortunate enough to be aware of sufficient context. The part that worried me was "contrarianism for its own sake is still unjustified", which might encourage people to pigeonhole others as merely "contrarian for its own sake", rather than keep a mind open to the possibility that "they might know more than me."

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Well, that's a good point, one I should probably consider more carefully.

I'm of divided mind on the issue of narrative control. On one hand, those fighting wildfires often must set backfires to impede the spread of a conflagration. This is by way of saying that when a vast collective imposition of misinformation is flooding the public information sphere, individualized efforts become signals lost in background noise.

On the other hand, individualized consistency leaves that "trail of breadcrumbs" so essential to preventing verifiable facts from being completely suppressed.

One of the "salutary" effects of creating a signal-to-noise ratio unfavorable to establishing facts, is that it induces mental fatigue. It becomes a sort of cognitive game of "musical chairs." The point at which people become overwhelmed with "information overload" is where they take the nearest seat and harden their viewpoint.

And this is to your point. When the "music stops," the chair on which people sit represents the point at which the pigeonholing starts. My attitude toward knee-jerk contrarianism is that it fosters self-deception.

Mind you, I don't mean to express contempt toward people who cheat the game and "sit down before the music stops." When I open the daily newspaper and view the latest full-page screed reinforcing "The Narrative," I can feel that tugging at the mind recalling nothing so much as that of a hypnotist inducing a trance. I've heard it said that many people experiencing near-death by drowning have reported feeling a sense of lassitude, a seductive inner call to simply give up the struggle to remain afloat and just sink beneath the waves.

Knee-jerk contrarianism thus becomes that bit of flotsam to which the drowning man clings desperately, hoping for some lifeboat to appear and rescue him.

It simply "won't do" to allow misinformation overload to paralyze oneself forever with indecisiveness. There is a point at which cognitive positions must be taken and held. To my mind, that point is established by adherence to certain basic underlying principles, and therein lies the problem; the very human tendency to use relativism as a shield against criticism.

The lockdowns changed relatively few of my daily routines, having been an "essential worker" coping with an instantly-downsized labor force with very little reduction in demand. When a trickle of workers were redesignated as "essentials" and brought back from furlough, I was impressed and encouraged by the outlook many of them expressed to me.

Overwhelmingly young and mostly male, they were more at home with the sports pages than the international "news" columns and features. It seems that they applied their knack for memorizing football scores to how they viewed the public messaging. Colloquially phrased, one can sum up their outlook as "I dunno, but something's not adding up and I ain't having none of it."

I thought again of Emerson's wisdom in his essay on self-reliance:

"A boy is in the parlor what the pit is in the playhouse; independent, irresponsible, looking out from his corner on such people and facts as pass by, he tries and sentences them on their merits, in the swift, summary way of boys, as good, bad, interesting, silly, eloquent, troublesome. He cumbers himself never about consequences about interests; he gives an independent, genuine verdict. You must court him: he does not court you. But the man is, as it were, clapped into jail by his consciousness. As soon as he has once acted or spoken with éclat he is a committed person, watched by the sympathy or the hatred of hundreds, whose affections must now enter into his account."

And those young men held firm in their appraisal, albeit many of them sadly giving way on one point, joining the mass human trials in order to obtain permission to travel.

I still have my own travel pass, the one issued to me the day the lockdowns began and the long lines of workers were filing through their supervisor's offices to be handed a pink slip. One cannot overestimate the lasting trauma those managers felt. I had only one subordinate to furlough and it was devastating, others had hundreds. Words cannot convey the sense of misgiving I had upon first obtaining that travel pass, the "show us your papers" allowing me to be on the empty streets without fear of arrest.

No, my friend, it was never an instance of uncritical trust in the public "health" junta that turned those eerily empty streets into an orgy of burning, looting and murder across the land.

I didn't intend to clutter our host's comment section with a rambling screed, so I'll close by thanking you for your very thought-provoking reply.

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He may be pleased with such high quality "clutter"!

By way of a brief reply, you might like to read "Coping with Disagreement and Being Wrong",


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Evil. Pure evil. Hubris.

Depopulation by any means...and they are succeeeding.


Our food, water, medicines, hospitals, doctors, all helped with the poisoning.

Its been going on for 20 years.

Along with Geoenigneering (aluminum poisoning) , border invasion.

We are done as a country.

Try to survive if you can. Try to tell the future what happened, and how we slept through it all.

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