As a former Research Fellow I concur. In the research world it's not in anyone's interests to draw attention to dubious studies, so nobody does.

And yes, systematic reviews are mostly pure garbage.

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Yes and now Cochrane has fucked itself over too (h/t Alexandros Marinos).

My friend and I laugh, occasionally, about the time I was an expectant mother and read all the recommended books and even took that Lamaze course my OB/GYN insisted on.

Take it from me. In everything, you gotta figure it all out for yourself, and all too often, right in the momnet. You better be your own expert, or else.

With help from guys like you, of course, since a lot of us aren't exactly scientifically inclined. But scepticism may be the species' most important survival instinct. Cultivate it in the young toute suite.

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OMG YES. It's way past time for the public to understand that ALL CONVENTIONAL MEDICINE is by definition corrupt, and certainly everything in the pharma-funded "research" (what does this word even mean in real terms?) world is worthless. WORTHLESS.

Keep emergency medicine. Burn down the rest.

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“Science is self correcting”

I used to parrot this too.

Unfortunately I forgot that the corrections can take decades to centuries.

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this is precisely why I enjoy your writing here so much -- you are bringing very helpful facts to light. Not pleasant but all the more reason why someone has to do it and I am grateful you are doing it.

Haven't been retracted...studies never really done...co-authors didn't know they were on the study...co-authors didn't contribute patients to the study...

I am not surprised. But the biggest frauds are the big trials overseen by Big Pharma that doctors rely upon to prescribe statins, harmful prostate procedures, destructive and damaging stents, just to name a few...

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And non-trial, real world data is too often using inappropriate methodology that requires unsatisfied assumptions (see EVERY test negative study from the last year). I am becoming increasingly concerned that the entire field of medical science is snake oil

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Aug 10, 2022·edited Aug 10, 2022

"Don't listen to him he's an antivaxxer"

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Yes, I came to conclusion of real and fraudulent intermixed within pubmed. Especially when I saw article published by three Chinese scientists credentialed in China titled mRNA safe and effective. Their review of vaers data! With all the barriers to understand ing the context of vaers data how could they be able to deduce this conclusion was my thought. Ivm and hcq use as antivirals pubs also conflicting results to help the literature appear unbiased. Psyops like these abound- like hurry up they may run out of....

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Yes. Except for this part:

“Science really needs global governance.”

We need science-literate people instead of sheeple, and open access with standardization for data collection, validation, and distribution. Standardization does not equal governance.

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" Make no mistake, we are currently being assailed by a worldwide fraud of such scale and malevolence that it threatens our very existence as we know it on this planet "


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This reminds me of ordering things online and having it be nothing whatsoever like the photo. Or having to cut off the land line because so many scam calls come through.

It also reminds me of a presentation at one of our departments recently. We had a parallel collaboration with Yale because they happened to be working on the same very specialized medical topic. So we're doing ours with lots of experience on this side of the ocean and they're doing the same thing over there.

Velvet curtain rolls back -- ta da! Yale had perfect, amazing, meaningful results with a specific conclusion. What a discovery! "Well, did you observe that in ours?" one of the researchers cautiously asks. "No, not at all." Universal silence and pursed lips. So out it rolls to the publishers, to redirect the course of history of medical knowledge based upon "findings" that our experts on the matter certainly never found.

These go well with the BMJ letter:

Barry Schwarz TedTalk 'Our loss of Wisdom'

Book: 'Good Work: When Excellence and Ethics Meet' by Gardner et al.

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I do not understand why some of these fraudulent researchers don’t go to prison. It is rarely reported in MSM. One case in particular probably caused thousands of unnecessary deaths with 90 fraudulent papers. https://www.bmj.com/bmj/section-pdf/187846?path=/bmj/346/7900/Feature.full.pdf

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This is definitely something we need to be aware of. Thank you.

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