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Started his career at Arthur Andersen. Ouch.

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Aka Accenture. Renamed as Thatcher banned then from any and all government contracts. So revealed new name, as they always do, and Blair gave them any and all Govn’t contracts. My company lost all their Govn’t NHs contracts the minute Blair =Soros rolled in.

Another Accenture groupie is Van Der Leyen. Her bio as Defence minister of Germany is a litany of corruption and nepotism. Her rewards - President EU Parliament.

These evil sods never get their just reward of prison, but are rewarded with more power. Because evil rules this world.

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15% of global corporations were zombies pre Covid... (tapping easy cheap money just to be able to service their debt...)...


I wonder what the % is now...

SVB was no doubt providing some of that cheap and easy money to start ups with a business model of the more we burn to increase our whatever -- we call that success these days. The more you grow your customers the more money you lose per customer

Think of it this way ... I start up ABC Company --- we have a Fintech website called www.webuy70billsfor100dollars.com

Brilliant - huh? The growth opportunities are infinite.

Once we corner the market then we'll redirect traffic to www.webuy100billsfor70dollars.com and we make trillions. Trust me.

Who wants in on the ground floor? www.investNOWwithfasteddy.com

This is what is known in the top business schools as 'The Uber Model'

I promise not to pull a Tom Vu on ya'll...


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Moderna was one such company sucking in millions from DoD, Gates etc.

As for big tech services, they were loss makers and so many went the way of ghosts. So now we only have a few left. Prob designed that way for herding.

Could be same now, most, including our politicians, scooped up, cashed in, over last three years. Moderna Execs cashed in their stock. So if anyone sues balance sheets are weaker.

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Next time he applies for a job his CV will look even more stellar!

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Watch out Janet Yellin!

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… first Arthur Andersen: complice to Enron. Wow!

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Arthur Anderson was accomplice to the entire scheme of bundling mortgages that were issued to *anybody* whether or not they even had income, so that the bundled mortgages could be sold by criminal US banks to (ostensibly) unsuspecting banking institutions in Europe. Then the foreclosed properties could be swept up into BlackRock’s portfolio - after they’d ensured there was no rent control by bribing politicians, driving up rents and homelessness across the country, as they’re the biggest landlord. Arthur Anderson falsely declared these fraud filled mortgages to be AAA, the highest rating of “quality” and then the borrowers defaulted, as the lenders knew they would. The response from the US vassal governments in Europe after this swindle was to impose austerity measures. Huge layoffs and business closures were the aftermath here - and these economies have never recovered. The whole thing was a ploy to enrich the already wealthy, as were the Covid lockdown measures. Both scams were crafted for the predator billionaire class to scoop up the assets of the dispossessed middle class.

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It’s all a game to them and we are no more than pawns.

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And at the bottom of the list we see he worked for JP Morgan-Chase. Most people are unaware that one of the most infamous characters of the Great Recession of the ‘00s could have never swindled those billions without their collusion. Madoff got life in prison, international scorn and family ruin including the death of his 2 sons, one by suicide. JPM-Chase got a slap on the wrist and a fine. That’s the cost of doing business. https://www.wishtv.com/lifestylelive/jpmadoff-the-unholy-alliance-between-americas-biggest-bank-and-americas-biggest-crook/

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Madoff wasn’t the “biggest crook” in the US - he’s the one that was covered in the media snd prosecuted. The bigger crooks OWN the media. Madoff was hauled into court because his victims had clout. The crew that steals far more, but who targets the working class, has no worry about being prosecuted. In the rare instance any of the perps are subjected to a fine for fraud, it makes scant difference, as their theft dwarfs the fine, and they write them off, plus they swindle more to “compensate” for any losses.

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I agree with everything you say. The book JP Madoff is a blueprint on the way the real criminals divert attention and direct it all onto one villain. If they didn’t have Bernie to destroy I’m sure they had several others on back burner.

You can see the same thing happening with Fauci who has served his dark lords well and will probably get thrown under the bus while they just retreat into the shadows. I saw today that he’s now saying that the illusive virus could have stricken a worker in a cave who carried into the lab where it started its fateful journey. And there are plenty of people who will believe him.

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Things are beginning to really heat up now...God help us...

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maranos think its a huge joke on us to change their names with subtext meaning - this clown, who is obviously jewish, renames himself (or his antecedants renamed the family) as Gentile.... Vic Nuland - nee Nudelman - is a Hambeast .... that crone in Canada, Christia Freeland is a marano. 'Freeland' very funny .....

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Kept thinkin'...New Land, Free Land...how WEFfy! Wonder what their REAL names are. Sounded too surreal to be real...like a bad joke gone unnoticed.

You sir, have just clarified a questioning poke in this mind.

*Tips hat"

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If one possibility is that we are living in a simulation, created by beings that have access to the nonlocal nontemporal, or by video game creators of the future, maybe these things are Easter eggs they've left for us. It may just be that everything is so freaking surreal as to give rise to this question, but I've wondered about it since I found out that at one time Adam Blight was head of Monsanto in Australia. Adam Blight? As in blighting the garden of Eden??? And it might explain why some of these bad actors don't appear to be human, like Freeland. Deirdre Barrett in ev psych at Harvard says clones no doubt already walk among us. Freeland seems like she has an Edgar suit on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqEztDtxWBY

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Gee, what a surprise!

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Joseph Gentile, oy vey, I wonder if he changed his surname from something else?

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These are the consequences of living in an alternate universe where the definition of obvious danger/risk easily become characterized as unintended/innocent results, allowing the perpetrators to accept their trophy free from guilt or accountability. Rod Serling would be very happy with all the new material for a resurrection of the Twilight Zone, cause you can’t make this shit up. In this universe we know they’re crimes of the elite who are never punished since it’s all done with the best of intentions, knowing the cost can be passed on to credulous tax payers by their accomplices/elite in the bureaucracy. Maybe with AI he can come back to host the show on Netflix.

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What Caused the Great Depression? - Foundation for Economic Education


FDR's Folly: How Roosevelt and His New Deal Prolonged the Great Depression - Foundation for Economic Education


What Ended the Great Depression? - Foundation for Economic Education https://fee.org/articles/what-ended-the-great-depression/?itm_source=parsely-api

Freedom From Fear: The American People in Depression and War, 1929-19455 by David Kennedy - Foundation for Economic Education


Repeating the New Deal’s Old Mistakes - Foundation for Economic Education


What Economic Elites Don’t Want You to Know about Crashes - Foundation for Economic Education


Major bank collapses; 2nd largest bank collapse in US history


Biden's budget proposal includes more money for DOJ to fight gun violence


Nearly a Third of Americans Could Lose Their Homes if They Got Laid Off, Survey Finds


President Biden proposes $350 million in funds for Red Line extension project


Pols blast free college for migrants, NY students get tuition hikes


Customers to See Missing Deposits in Their Accounts


DC crime law: Why Joe Biden is playing defense on crime https://www.cnn.com/2023/03/11/politics/joe-biden-democrats-dc-crime-law

Trading Legend Henrik Zeberg Foresees Largest Market Crash Since 1929


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There are a few more to go with it, I missed. Now you have to add FJB'S $7 TRILLION WASTEFUL SPENDING ON CLIMATE, SOCIAL EQUALITY, AND NO BORDER. Watch out for his Crime Act, it's meant to DISARM AMERICANS. with RED FLAG UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS.

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he has got passion fingers

Everything he touches he fucks.......

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I hereby dub thee Sir Joseph Genital, for being the only cock to bankrupt not one but TWO banks, a position in the City of London awaits you ...

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Too funny!

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"To lose one bank, Mr Gentile, may be regarded as a misfortune, to lose both, looks like carelessness."

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These criminals are generally above the law, and just go from one corporation to the other.

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BREAKING: "Big Short" Investor Michael Burry Tweets Ominous Warning As Bank Failures Pile Uphttps://trendingpoliticsnews.com/breaking-big-short-investor-michael-burry-tweets-ominous-warning-as-bank-failures-pile-up/?utm_source=trendingpolitics&utm_medium=klaviyo&_kx=BUd-fF0qqO5t5QQq33S_mZE9J8ndIrMUyntNt1dUzFY%3D.XhZFkN SVB Collapse: "Big Short" Burry Accuses Regulators of Rewarding "Greed"


Biden's 2024 budget proposes up to $300 per month per child for families in Ohiohttps://share.newsbreak.com/3anot7b8

Regulators Announce Closure of NY’s Signature Bank, Which Held Significant Crypto Stakes


STORMSMillions of Americans Bracing for Potential ‘Major’ Nor’easter Storm


SVB Chief Sold $3.6 Million in Stock Shortly Before Bank’s CollapseBecker sold the shares in accordance with a trading plan filed on Jan. 26, a little over a month before the group sent a letter to stakeholders (pdf) saying it was looking to raise over $2 billion in capital after taking losses. WOKE BANK.



Government Steps In With Plan to Protect All Deposits at Silicon Valley Bankhttps://www.theepochtimes.com/government-steps-in-with-plan-to-protect-all-deposits-at-silicon-valley-bank_5117661.html?utm_source=Morningbrief&src_src=Morningbrief&utm_campaign=mb-2023-03-13&src_cmp=mb-2023-03-13&utm_medium=email&est=oJ3mui7Pnt5VNqpauRnQkTq07NhB12Y2NGqZFs7F1emspxq5UY4%2FfztzIoQ%3D

More Banks Will Fail Like Silicon Valley Bank, Former FDIC Chair Predictshttps://www.newsweek.com/more-banks-will-fail-like-silicon-valley-bank-former-fdic-chair-predicts-1787189?amp=1SPEND, SPEND WHILE BANKS FALL, KIDS NOT ADULTS, ILLEGALS HAVE KIDS.

Biden's 2024 budget proposes up to $300 per month per child for families in Ohiohttps://share.newsbreak.com/3anot7b8USDC Holders Panic Sell Amid Solvency Concerns MARCH 10https://blockchain.news/postamp?id=usdc-holders-panic-sell-amid-solvency-concerns

DON'T TRUST CLOSED DOORSU.S. Federal Reserve governors to hold closed-door Mondayhttps://share.newsbreak.com/3annzvp2

CEO of failed Silicon Valley Bank no longer a director at SF Fed

https://share.newsbreak.com/3annl5g6 Oh, So That's the Key Position Silicon Valley Bank Did Not Fill For Eight MonthsLINKShttps://townhall.com//tipsheet/mattvespa/2023/03/13/could-this-be-why-silicon-valley-bank-collapsed-n2620508?utm_source=thdaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl&bcid=b6c7e45517db205a05162beabba5ffc9f83c07f7150c95a1c12011e266a2de8c&recip=19488896

SVB had no official chief risk officer for 8 months LINKShttps://fortune.com/2023/03/10/silicon-valley-bank-chief-risk-officer/ NO TAXPAYER BAIL OUT, WHERE HAVE WE HEARD THAT BEFORE? CLOSED DOOR MEETINGS?WHAT DO YOU CALL $25 BILLION? BANK BAILOUT.Biden Weighs in on the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse https://townhall.com//tipsheet/katiepavlich/2023/03/13/biden-weighs-in-on-the-silicon-valley-bank-collapse-n2620522?utm_source=thdaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl&bcid=b6c7e45517db205a05162beabba5ffc9f83c07f7150c95a1c12011e266a2de8c&recip=19488896 CORPS DO 2 THINGS, FLEE COUNTRY, OR RAISE COSTS. THEY DON'T PAY TAXES, YOU PAY TAXES.

Joe Biden Aims to Mirror Blue State Taxes on Rest of Country

https://www.patrioticviralnews.com/articles/joe-biden-aims-to-mirror-blue-state-taxes-on-rest-of-country/ Biden Administration Fights 50 Million American Citizens Who Own BTChttps://cryptogazette.com/biden-administration-fights-50-million-american-citizens-who-own-btc/PAY YOUR OWN STUDENT LOAN, OR SERVE IN THE MILITARY LIKE MANY DO.

SoFi Is Suing the Biden Administration to Try to Avoid Tens of Millions in Losses

SoFi recently sued the Biden administration due to its decision to extend the student loan moratorium for the eighth time. https://share.newsbreak.com/3anlruc1 FOREX-Dollar slides as U.S. intervenes on SVB collapseWHAT DO YOU CALL $25 BILLION? BANK BAILOUT.https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/forex-dollar-slides-as-u.s.-intervenes-on-svb-collapse


Stocks week ahead: US banks sitting on unrealized losses of $620 billionhttps://www.cnn.com/2023/03/12/investing/stocks-week-aheadSignature Bank shut down as FDIC, Treasury, and the Fed cite ‘systemic risk’Another big crypto bank has vanished, with the Treasury, FDIC, and Federal Reserve citing “systemic risk” at Signature, while promising Silicon Valley Bank depositors will have access to all of their funds on Monday.https://www.theverge.com/2023/3/12/23636780/crypto-collapse-fdic-treasury-shut-down-signature-bankWall Street's 4 top banks just had $55 billion wiped off their market value in a single day



Community Bank System Enters Oversold Territory

https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/community-bank-system-enters-oversold-territory Crypto's bedrock bank implodes Silvergate underpinned almost every American crypto company.


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Banks exist to handle your money.

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