The Looming Financial Crisis

The last financial crisis happened in 2008 after Lehman Brothers collapsed on 15 September. Many commodities had already peaked in June of that year after quickly accelerating upwards. Many of those peaks represented 50 year highs.

Since the first lockdowns in 2020, a similar pattern has emerged. The situation in Ukraine is accelerating things even further and we are now nearing those 50 year highs again.

Natural gas levels are high but nowhere near the levels seen in 2008. Strange, seeing as Russia supplies so much gas to Europe.

Inflation is not going away as the forecasters forecasted (shock). If only there were some global events taking place on which to blame the looming financial crisis on (sarcasm).

Combined with these price pressures are supply pressures. Russia supplies 40% of Europe’s fertilizers and if we suddenly stop trading with them (or they stop supplying us - they have already paused supply), then growing food is not going to be so easy.

Is Russia about to go back on the gold standard? Is the dollar about to lose its world reserve currency status? Is a new digital currency going to rise from the ashes (If so, you lose 25 social credit points for reading this newsletter).

Below is a look at some worrying sharp rises in commodities.

Crude Oil

Brent Oil

Natural Gas


Heating Oil







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