A Picture is worth a Thousand Words

Every year, the Queen opens Parliament by reading out a speech in which she lays out the government’s agenda over the next session.

On Tuesday, due to “episodic mobility problems”, the Queen was unable to open Parliament and Prince Charles took her place.

In the speech Prince Charles announced that the government’s top priority was to help ease the “cost-of-living” for families.

This coming from a man who is part of the richest family in the world and whilst sitting on a gold throne. Not sure you really pitched it right, Charlie boy! All those families unable to feed their children this week but as long as you don’t hire an extra man-servant, then we’re all in this together.

And so that we don’t forget what the “cost of living” crisis is really about, he promises to “level up opportunities in all parts of the country”. Levelling up is the World Economic Forum’s catchphrase that is used since the British population cottoned on to “Build Back Better”.

This is the 21st, we don’t need monarchs lording it over us any more, whether they are symbolic or not. They certainly have more power than they claim to have and have the superior interest over all land in the kingdom. Time for them to stand down with Elizabeth II being the last monarch ever.

We also don’t want the old monarchs replaced with the current upcoming nouveau monarchy consisting of billionaires telling use how we should live our lives, all for their benefit.

Power needs to be returned to the people and I fear there is a limited opportunity before this will no longer be possible. Will the last 50 years be considered a golden age before we slipped back into serfdom? That’s certainly what some elites would like to happen, although the history books will be amended so you will never know about the golden age of freedom.

Time to return the power and wealth to the masses.



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